Annie’s Dakar iPhone app

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Now you can get my own app for your iPhone! Follow my progress in the Dakar rally, reports, photos, results etc. Download at iTunes, 1.99 USD.

Nu ksan man skaffa min egen app för iPhone. Följ mig i Dakarrallyt, rapporter, bilder, resultat. Ladda ner från iTunes, ca 15 SEK.


2 thoughts on “Annie’s Dakar iPhone app

    Göran Kvarnerup said:
    2011/01/02 at 15:26

    Hi Annie, I´m sitting here in Malmo and looking att Dakar Rally again and I´m so proud of you again. I will cross my finger and I wish you Good Luck in the Dakar Rally 2011. Show them that you are the best !! Best wishes to you, Göran


    Bengt said:
    2011/01/02 at 12:15

    Nothing for Android? 😦

    Go Annie, make us proud (again!) – I’m sure you’ll win the whole damn thing this year! 🙂


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