Tougher rules in Dakar 2011

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Newsflash concerning tougher rules on navigation and assistance:

The organizers of the rally Dakar Argentina-Chile will enhance navigation sklls in the next edition of the race, which runs from 1 to January 16 next year.

This was stated today in Chile’s external relations director of the Dakar, Grégory Muraco, who explained one of the novelties of the race to “give even more interest for navigation within the jurisdiction. ”
In 2011, some of the control points, the so-called ”way-points” will be alerted in the GPS from a radius of 400 meters and not 3,000 meters, as in previous editions.
Muraca stated that the measure will affect some control points within each stage to impede navigation, but the rest will follow as last year.

Accompanied by Chile’s Undersecretary of Sports, Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle, and the representative of the Dakar in South America, David Eli, Muraca said that the next edition of the rally organizers extremely vigilant for illegal assistance received by many pilots, as has been found in the past two years.

“In previous years we noticed a lot of non-accredited service vehicles within the organization, so we will develop vehicle patrol with a team of 16 people to see that in linking routes and camps assistance is not performed illegal” he said.

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