It could have been disaster. Now it feels better.

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On sunday I twisted my right knee when racing a local 3-hour enduro. Riding uphill a slippery rock face, the rear wheel spinning and sliding sideways I had to put my foot down to hold up the bike. Unfortunately the bike continued to slip and I heard a cracking sound in my knee and I dropped the bike and fell over..

It hurt like h*ll! After cursing a couple of minutes, I could slowly straighten my leg, and limp back.

I realized this was not good. Contacted my doctor Klas Östberg and next morning he examined the knee and sent me to X-ray. I was lucky the MCL ligament wasn’t ruptured, only stretched and some soft tissue damaged. Today I started rehab with my super physiotherapist Peter Drugge, who works with top sports and Olympic athletes.

And yes, I will race Dakar!!!

But I cannot race the TTXGP world final in Albacete 23-24 Oct.
Instead I had to find a stand-in. The best I could find to pilot the Team Morris Mavizen bike in my place is… my “super hero” Peter Lindén!
He has a great racing track record: World Champ in Endurance, European Champ 500cc, raced Moto GP 500 back in the days with legends like Eddie Lawson & Randy Mamola, and he is an airforce pilot when not racing!
Peter is also one of my long time friends from my early road racing year. And he is almost as short as me. 😉

Muddy and slippery

One thought on “It could have been disaster. Now it feels better.

    Laurent said:
    2010/10/14 at 07:52

    I would like talk about you, on my website.
    It’s a new and it talk about “exceptional rider” Rallymann Raider only moto 100% off-road. And I like your profil!!! If you want to send me, pictures and message, we publish it in my website.
    Good luck for the Dakar, I’m fan…
    @+ from adventure…


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