Australasian Safari Rally 2010 – round up

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Back from a very fun and succesful Safari Rally in Western Australia last week.
After the 7 day tough and hard race I finshed 15th general, and was also awarded the “Fastest Woman” trophy.
And all four of us team Husaberg riders finished in top 20, with Dakar-veteran David Schwarz best in 4th. Congratulations to us, we were the second best team in the race. Only beaten by the KTM team, who had fantastic Ben Grabham winning the rally in outstanding style! Big cheers to “Grabbo”!

Again I was invited by Australian team boss Garry Connell to come and ride in the Team Husaberg, an offer I couldn’t resist. Besides me, the four rider team consisted of Ze Helio (Brazilian, 10th in Dakar 2009 and twice winner Sertoes Rally), David Schwarz (Australian Dakar-veteran) and Garry Connell (Australian Dakar rider).

The organisers had promised this year’s Safari would be “nastier” than before. And I wondered what they had planned for us? I remebered the piece of wood stick that pierced my leg last year, and hoped it would not get to this…
Well there were lots of trees we had to twist and turn around, lots of dust, some soft sandy riverbeds with rocks and low hanging trees. All hard work, and many competitors crashed out or quit of other reasons. Luckily I had no real incidents, only my injured thumb suffered when wrestling the bike in the technical terrain.
The reward came to those who lasted to the finishing stage on the beach and dunes of Esperance – absolutely fantastic. I rode with a smile to the end!
It proved to be a very tough Safari this year, around 40% didn’t make it to the finish. Had they run the Dakar rules it would have been even fewer… So I am happy I made it – without injuries! This was a good test before the Dakar.

Garry Connell & Team Husaberg
Team sponsors: Seadoo West, Wanneroo Motorcycles, Valley Force Husaberg, Michelin.
Organisers Octagon and all the crew.
And all of my Dakar-sponsors!


Articles  Motorrad Magasine in Sweden:
Before start: 17 sept
Stage 2: 20 sept
Stage 4: 22 sept
Stage 5: 23 sept
Stage 6: 24 sept
Stage 7: finish 25 sept

Voice diary in Motorrad Magasine on Youtube (swedish):
Day 2
Day 3 Husaberg teamreport

Safari Rally on Youtube:
Interview with Annie at the ceremonial start 17 sept
“Annie special” halfway through the rally
Safari TV – Prologue
Safari TV – Stage 1
Safari TV – Stage 2
Safari TV – Stage 3
Safari TV – Stage 4
Safari TV – Stage 5
Safari TV – Stage 6
Safari TV – Stage 7

Husaberg official website

Results and photos on Safari Rally official website


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