Leg 7. Finished 15th!

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The Australasian Safari Rally has been fun, exciting … and tricky. I am very content with my performance, the race, the bike and the team, everything has worked just great. The 15th position overall means I am the best lady on bikes and in cars.
And I made it without injuries!

News clip: International riders Annie Seel from Sweden and Ze Helio from Brazil both agree that the conditions experienced in the Australasian Safari are comparable with the gruelling terrain and lengths of the Dakar legs. Seel is competing in Safari for her second year and Helio for the first time.
Seel, who placed 15th today, said the beach dunes and sand were the perfect way to finish, and she forgot about her mis-navigation yesterday.
“With this kind of riding I could do another week,” she said. “The long days and technical nature of the stages definitely make me feel I now have the stamina for another Dakar.”
Proof of the difficulty of Safari is the number of competitors who manage to reach it to the finish. The event commenced with 112 vehicles (bikes) on the Prologue Day and only 64 vehicles finished today, a 40% attrition rate.


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