Leg 3. Marathon… shortened. Me up to 18

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I have improved my position up to 18 in total today! My riding has been stable and also my navigation good. The second part of the marathon stage was dramatic. A few bikes started this morning with bad tires, others had to take service and got 5 hours penalty.
But i was just fine! Riding good on fast tracks, and I made close friends with a tree along the side. Had to drag my bike sideways out from the bushy branches.

After refuel sadly the stage was cancelled due to an accident where the helicopter had to transport injured Ivan Ercheg to the hospital. So some of the top riders who probably would not have lasted the remaining 200 kms were saved by the bell.

2 thoughts on “Leg 3. Marathon… shortened. Me up to 18

    Jörgen Carlson said:
    2010/09/24 at 17:12

    I believe you have a big smile al over the face when you drive the Husaberg. On the picture I think you must use you´r right hand to hide it?
    Keap on rocking!


    Hansa said:
    2010/09/22 at 21:17

    Glad I checked in, Annie. Didn’t even know this great rally was being held! Not too many other Dakar types down under, are there? Don’t they want some practice for the winter, where the sand and rocks of South America await them?


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