Today was an important day…

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Tha Rally Princess on her noble steed.

Not because it is my birthday.
Today I was part of a charity event for children with cancer. Children with their families coming from all over Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania were invited to come and have a ball. All in all with officials, we wer som 900 people!

There were lots of fun activities and in the evening a big party. The kids wer driven in big hay wagons by tractors, and I contributed dresse like a princess riding her steed, acting in a Robin Hood show on my motorcycle!Very much fun.

Later ther was a huge party in the barn and many artists were singing. And everybody sang “Happy Birthday” for me also!!

I hope my participation made a little difference! For sure we shared some good moments.

Links articles and photos from the event:


One thought on “Today was an important day…

    Gert Karlsson said:
    2010/09/07 at 17:01

    Hej Annie
    Jag är inte så bra på engelska men jag skriver här ändå.
    Först vill jag gratulera dig på födelsedagen i efterskott och sen även tacka för din medverkan i pjäsen på “vår” sida.

    Sheriffen av Nottingham – Gert Karlsson


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