Team KARNAG racing Saltsjöloppet offshore boats!

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My sponsors Thomas & Annika Wrenkler at  KARNAG are racing offshore boats, and today they raced Saltsjöloppet.
I had never seen boat racing, so they invited me to come and cheer them on.

And I am happy to announce they came 3rd, despite having trouble with the boat going a bit sideways.. Fun to see these boats charge in the Stockholm achipealargo.

I only know a little about boats, I have been involved in since last summer. But offshore boats I guess are like Dakar racers… the real thing!!

Also I presented the winners at the prize giving ceremony.

Team KARNAG offshore racing!

One thought on “Team KARNAG racing Saltsjöloppet offshore boats!

    Annika Wrenkler said:
    2010/09/06 at 10:03

    Hej Annie,
    Tusen tack för att du kom och delade ut priser på tävlingen i Dyvik i lördags! Vår son Adam tyckte det bästa på dagen var att få träffa dig, sitta på din hoj och få svar på sina frågor om allt möjligt:)

    Vi önskar dig lycka till i Australien!
    Annika och Thomas Wrenkler
    Team C-61 Karnag


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