Speedway GP – Målilla, Sweden

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Swedish speedway star Fredrik Lindgren and his fan Annie!

My main sponsor, dentist Lars Elmborg invited me to come for the Speedway GP. I’m not the only “race-horse” in his stable, he also sponsors some of the speedway stars of team Dackarna speedway, and they were now racing the GP. It was an honour to meet Hans Andersen, Fredrik Lindgren and Rune Holta.

Ofcourse I had to sit on Hans’ racebike. I have never tried real speedway, something I need to put on the “to-do-list”. Tried ice-racing a couple of years ago in Östersund… that was wild.

Posing on Hans Andersen's race bike!

The race was very well organised and the cheering crowds were really enthusiastic – a little like the Dakar fans in South America! I must say organising club Dackarna has made a very good and entertaining event!

Only downside is that Fredrik was the only Swede in the finals, and his engine blew up on him just a lap before the finish.

Upside is that Rune Holta won, and he is one of Elmborg’s riders! Heja Rune!!

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