Last prep for Nordic Enduro Championship

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The Boss is supervising!

Camilla and I are prepping our bikes with PURPLE (!) stickers for the Nordic Enduro Championships this weekend.

There will be some really good Swedish girls racing for the title, including top MX-rider Sandra Adriansson and Gotland Grand National enduro winner Jessica Malcolmsson.
The Norwgian girls I dont know anything about…

Well I will try my best to keep up with them.

601 – Irene Askeland – Eidskog MCK – Honda – N
604 – Kine Asper – Eidskog MCK – Honda – N
605 – Jessica Malcolmsson – Göta MS – Husqvarna – SE
606 – Sandra Adriansson – FMCK Borås – Kawasaki – SE
610 – Annie Seel – Västra MK- KTM – SE
611 – Camilla Arnalid – Melarö MCK – KTM – SE

My KTM 260 ready for race!


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