Nordic Championship Enduro in Norway this weekend

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This weekend top Norwegian rally rider P-A Ullevålseter (2nd in Dakar 2010!!) invited me and Camilla to come and race the Nordic Enduro Championship in Norway. It will be a 2 day event, with a local enduro on saturday and the Nordic Championship on sunday. It sounded very fun so we decided to go.
I really feel like enduro racing and have been training enduro a couple of times now after the latest round of the TTXGP in Anglesey.

My KTM250 has had an overhaul with new piston  and some other parts changed by Hammarströms Motor, so it should be ok for the race.

Thanks to DekkPartnerMichelin for new tyres – it is always nice with a good grip for the race.

News and startlist from the organiser.

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