6th in TTXGP, round 2 at Anglesey, Wales

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6th place is a little step up!

6th and still running! This was one place up from the first TTXGP round in Snetterton, and team Morris Motorcycles and I are still in the running to qualify for the grand finale in Spain later this year.

The Mavizen KTM RC8 bike now was more rideable since the throttle control has been reprogrammed, but there is still much to do. I slowly adapt to all new aspects of electric racing. Too slow I think – very annoying.

But concidering it was 20 YEARS  ago (a lifetime!) I raced on track, and every race is a steep learning curve for me – something changed on the bike, new track, different tyres, changing weather – I think I need to accept I have to learn from scratch. But it is frustrating… I want to be faster!

The teams and riders I race against are way ahead in development and riders are far more experieced.
I am so impressed with Jenny Tinmouth, winner of this round at Anglesey. And I’m proud to race together with a top star as Jenny – she has now a wild card for the Super Sport World Cup at Silverstone – that says something about her capability. GO Jenny!!! You are my hero!


One thought on “6th in TTXGP, round 2 at Anglesey, Wales

    Harry Mallin said:
    2010/07/27 at 21:17

    Keep on pushing, Annie. You’re on a great bike and will find your lines. You’ll be unstoppable (that’s what the brakes are for.)


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