Welsh weather and electric bikes

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This morning the real Welsh weather greeted us, with drizzle and strong wind. Ihoped it would stop for first practice session, I worried a little if the bike would short-cut the electrics when riding in the rain. But it didn’t as I made 7 laps testing the re-programmed throttle. Now the power came little by little, but not linear. As I was riding at slow speed the power would pick upp really slow, but at high speed it would shoot off. I takes a while to get used to, and also learning this very twisty track made me go easy on the practice. Second session was at 5.20 pm, and the track had dried up. I tried to find a smooth line around and get the “cork screw” corner right. Halfway info the session it started to drizzle a little again so I decided not to push. On the last lap the bike suddenly died. It was the brushes in the generator that had cracked. I qualified 8th, so we’re in. But I ride way too slow – very annoying!


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