Midnight Sun Rally finale!

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At the finish of Midnattssolsrallyt

After 3 rally days we reached the finish in Västerås. For me the rally was again very fun, even if I didn’t race. To be able to ride in Sweden with my Dakar bike, and meet all the crowds waving , is just fantastic. In Jönköping there were 8.000 people for the start and prologue. Thank you everybody out there!

Many of the top teams were out of different reasons – like technical problems, breakdown.
Swedish young star P-G Andersson managed to roll his car. And former winners Stig Blomquist and Björn Waldegård, both were out of technical break down, even if Björn drove his Porsche to the finish after a restart.

But one team was outstanding already from the start, and then controlling the rally to a victory. Despite drama like a gearbox stuck in revers forced them to drive into service in reverse for a quick gearbox change, they still managed to win!
Congratulations Kenneth Bäcklund and co-driver B-A Gustafsson!

P-G Andersson and me - before he rolled the Ford Escort

In Vedum my sponsor Johan at Oljecenter i Vedum came to meet me, with boxes of oil and spray under each arm! Thanks for that, very needed!!

Thanks to the organistation for inviting me to and creating this event, now the biggest rally in Sweden! Everything is so professional and the officials are jus the best!
Also thanks to Toyota Center Auto Metro Gruppen in Skärholmen for lending me your Hiace Van – this made service so easy.

Petra and I celebrating Kenneth - the Winner!

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