Saving Stig

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Coming out on the first stage rally star and world champ Stig Blomquist pulled up beside my motorcycle and asked if I had a screwdriver to lend him. I thought: is he kidding?? Wait, I’ll just check my toolbox in the trunk… since I have all the tools on my bike 😉
Anyway I had the screwdriver Stig needed and I was happy to be able to help. And I felt like yeah, I am a true Dakar veteran prepared for everything.

This remebered me of Dakar 2007 when Robbie Gordon pulled up his Montser Hummer beside me and asked if I had fuel to spare… Like anything I could spare from my little motorcycle would get his Hummer anywhere.

Right after i met another Swedish rally star, P-G Andersson – had to have his photo.

Rally star P-G Andersson and me!

And then it rained in the afternoon. My boots were soaked, but riding was still fun!


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