Midnattssolsrallyt 2010

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Midnattssolsrallyt 2010 - it's a classic rally!

Today the historic Rally of the Midnight Sun, www.midnattssolsrallyt.com, started in Jönköping. I will be prerunning with my Dakar bike, and open the stages but not racing. This is the biggest event in Sweden where I can show my bike. Lots of spectators, today on the prologue – about 8000 people!!

I have not ridden my rally bike since Dakar, but I was surprised that it started immediately. I just fueled up after I’ve changed oil, airfilter and cleaned the carburettor. I love my bike!!!

My sister and her husband are my service back-up in case of any problems. This is our “family vacation”. 😉

Sisters on family vacation!

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