4-Day Enduro/Offroad

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I finished 2nd lady in the 4-Day Enduro/Offroad. First days I was riding a little more cautious because of my injured thumb from Dakar. But as I was getting into rythm and felt I could push a little more the pace increased after a couple of days.

On day one already my forks failed and wit the help of Keva Motor in Hässleholm, I hade them serviced the same evening and could race on the next day.

Winner was Camilla Mitkiewitz, a good enduro and motocross girl I could not catch up with – congratulations to good race and good luck on your future quest to the ISDE 6-day enduro.
My best friend Camilla Arnalid was 2nd and 3rd for a long time, but on the last day her motorcycle failed and she lost time and the podium place.

All shiny and stickered up for the race!

Thanks to super race organisation – they have made this race for 19 years! Some of the entry fee is helping our Swedish enduro junirors to race the ISDE 6-days.  This year there were about 200 motorcycles on the start, and I think not too many injuries.

Also thanks to my sponsors, my service/mechanic Henrik, and a little extra to Toyota Center Auto Motor Gruppen for lending me their Hiace van.

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