4-Day Enduro: day 1

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Hot and sunny! A good start of the International 4-day enduro race in Hässleholm in southern Sweden. 4 days, approx 250 kms per day including 5 Enduro Special tests every day. www.endurosupport.se

My best friend Camilla Arnalid is also racing which is really fun. We raced this race already back in 1995, when I just got my first endur bike! I have kept chasing Camilla since then… and today she is 18 seconds ahead of me.
Well, I had some problems when my front fork collapsed on the first test, and I hade to ride all day like that – it was rattling like a marrackas. Keva Motor serviced it in the evening and I hope tomorrow the suspension will be ok again.

I decided late to enter because my van broke down and I couldn’t transport my bike and service for the race. BIG THANKS to Toyota Center – Metro Auto Gruppen lending me a brand new Toyota Hiace and helping me!

Packed lunchbag and ready for the 4-day event!

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