Waiting for surgery…

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Today I had the pre-op meeting with doctor about my thumb surgery. On Feb 3 I will have the operation done.
After operation awaits 6 weeks with cast and total immobility of thumb before I can start rehab.

But it could be worse, just got mail from David Casteu, he has had 4 (!) operations already after his leg injury in Dakar. Or Luca Manc who is slowly recovering from his big crash.
I wish them both speedy recovery!!

Big disappointment for me is I had to cancel my start in the Tuareg Rally, mid March. That really sucks! 😦

Thumb: Ruptured ligament


3 thoughts on “Waiting for surgery…

    Annie Seel responded:
    2010/02/08 at 03:39

    when the bandage is taken off in 2 weeks to get the stiches…


    BurnieM said:
    2010/02/04 at 10:07

    Come on Annie, show us the scar


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