Mujeres Tuercas – fanclub!

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During the Dakar I met the Mujeres Tuercas Fanclub a couple of times. They are a bunch of “motorhead” girls cheering me on in the rally, waving the big yellow banner with “GO ANNIE” written on it during stages.
Now they made this slideshow! I am so happy to have these friends, so far on another continent – but so close in my heart! (You can join on Facebook too!)


2 thoughts on “Mujeres Tuercas – fanclub!

    SuperSis Eila said:
    2010/01/28 at 22:32

    Thank you, Mujeres Tuercas (Women nuts) for this wonderful slide show about Annies Dakar rally !!! I really enjoy it – so well done with fantasy, warm heart and humor. I’ve played it several times…


    2010/01/25 at 03:16

    Thank you Annie, where a woman is in competition. there will be, GO GIRLS! GO! You are also in our hearts, forever..!!!!!!!!!! GO ANNIE!!!!GO GO GOO!!!


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