The Tomb – how it did not show

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This is where the tomb is, just behind the flags we put up as warning. Difficult to see still? Imagine in a dust cloud…

My tracks goes straight ahead, cutting just inside the track of the others. I was riding maybe 50-60 kmh after going around the ruins. I kept a cuple of meters left to avoid some dust fro a rider n front.

Then the ground opened beneath me after the slight rise. I just managed to put my brakes on a jump off the bike. I landed on the left side while bike bounced on the edge and fell down…

From the other side it is much easier to see the tomb, behind the slight bank.

When Race director Etienne Lavigne arrived in the helicopter, he could not believe there was this great big hole in the ground that close to the track – without them seeing it when doing the course.

I must say I was surprised too when I came across it!!

I’ve marked the tomb in red, where I landed in blue, the correct track in green, my line to avoid dust in orange. also marked where most other riders and cars kept left of the ruins, and therefore didn’t even see the tomb.


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