Greeting to all moto/quad women in the Dakar

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Finally I am the winner of the “Feminine Trophy”. I’ve been trying so hard for many years, and always something happened. This year it was my lucky turn, despite a hole lot of drama. Not only did I win the Feminine Trophy, there was a prize check of 3.500 Euros! Will be needed to pay for some damages…

But I want to congratulate all women who finished, out of a total of 6 ladies (5 moto and 1 quad ladies), 5 reached the finish wich shows thes women are truly strong and determined. So big hand for Silvia Gianetti, Christina Meier, Tamsine Jones and quad Camelia Liparoti. You are all real heroes and role models for all women!
And I also want to greet a very strong, but this year unlucky, Mirjam Pol. I missed you after you had the crash, always good to race with you. Hope to see you next race!!

From web:
“Finally, congratulations to the little – but tough – Annie Seel who is the Best Woman in the Dakar and finishes 45th in the standings.”

One thought on “Greeting to all moto/quad women in the Dakar

    Miguel said:
    2010/01/22 at 00:08

    Contratulations Annie, you really deserve it.
    You have a strong race despite the thumb and the tomb.
    Enjoy the prize RallyPrinsessa 🙂

    Regards !


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