Winners celebration

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Annie, winner of Ladies Cup on podium
Hooray! Winner of Womens Cup by many hours. What a title to have!
Photo by Maindru

This is my 4th dakar finish and 16th rally total, and still 100% finish rate! It’s been dramatic – as usual – I was close to be out. But now I feel I could go on another week. The whole time I felt calm, strong and confident in my riding and I kept my strategy, which paid off. I started with a good position and managed to keep it through the whole race, despite the injured thumb. Actually I got used to it and could ride really good with just keeping the right hand on the bar, even if gas/break and steer in curves was difficult.
My total standing: 45, 69:55:40 (+18:45:03)

Annie at finish Buenos Aires
Photo by Tomas Kocanda

Podium capToday it’s time for ceremony and prize-giving. Tonight it’s time for partying. Super happy! 😀

Right: Podium cap, only for winners!
I got one.


Signed tshirt… Yes its dirty. But it has made stage 13 in the dust.

T-shirt signed by dakar competitors

10 thoughts on “Winners celebration

    Nicole said:
    2010/01/19 at 05:31

    Well done Annie – you should be proud! Will you be back for 2011?
    If you are ever in Melbourne come for a visit!
    Nicole Nyhouse


    andreas said:
    2010/01/18 at 22:50


    Thumbs up from Bremen/Germany.


    Ignacio said:
    2010/01/18 at 22:00

    great job in Dakar2010,

    cheers from Buenos Aires,



    Cynthia said:
    2010/01/18 at 13:29

    Congratulations Annie!
    I’m so proud of what you acomplished!
    I’ll be following your races around the world!
    Hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in Argentina.


    Anna said:
    2010/01/18 at 09:55

    Grattis, du Àr fantastisk. Vi har en hÀrlig förebild i dig.


    MOTORESS said:
    2010/01/18 at 02:11

    YEAH ANNIE! You must be feeling on top of the world! You really conquered EARTH! Congrats to you from all of us at MOTORESS!!!
    Enjoy the party you worked hard for it.


    Cybernisse said:
    2010/01/17 at 23:43

    Ett stort grattis frÄn mig och övriga i Sthlm.
    Du lever Àn en gÄng upp till ditt alias PRINCESS
    MVH cybernisse/Sollentuna.


    Jörgen i GÀvle said:
    2010/01/17 at 23:43

    Hurra, va du e bra!!!! SÄ skönt o ha dig i mÄl vÀnnen! Stort Grattis frÄn GÀvle!

    Mvh J.


    Jonas said:
    2010/01/17 at 22:22

    Grattis som fan! Snacka om bragd. Stor respekt!


    sabrina said:
    2010/01/17 at 21:08

    Congratulations!!!! we will wait for pictures!!!


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