Stage 14. Message from fans along the route

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Annie passing Salazar

In the morning on stage 14 passing the village Salazar spectators stood along the road. Some fans took the photo above and sent it to the blog with this lovely message. Thank you!

Message from fans
I really think that Annie showed great skills and cool presence of mind when jumping off the bike just before it fell in that tomb hole (Jan 10, stage 8).

Last year there was a lot of buzz amongst “ecologistas” for the rally passing through land that is “sacred” for indians living in these areas. Then the route was changed.
This year obviously the rally got too near the ancient indian spirits again…
Maybe now the spirit of an old indian chief woke up – but got so impressed by Annie’s courage, that he gave her wings to avoid the deep hole. It’s surely a mysterious miracle that she came off well! A fantastic performance, either way.
Just completing a dakar rally is a major achievement, and we greatly admire your skills and fighting spirit.

Last year Carlos Sainz fell down a ravine, also due to an error in the road book. Don’t the course makers fly over the area and check it up? A big hole like that must be visible from above.
This time Annie was lucky, but if she had fallen in the tomb 5 m down on a stone floor, she had been killed!
“It’s Dakar”, Annie says. But a fatal accident is no good PR for the rally.

Franscisco & familyWe feel very privileged to have seen the dakar rally so close where we live, two years in a row! We have followed your progress on your blog too.
Again a lot of congratulations to Annie! You deserve a decoration for special achievements.

Elisabeth and our farmer family.
Photo: my son Francisco (photographer) with wife and kid.

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