Stage 13. Nice and easy

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San Rafael-Santa Rosa. Special 368 km
Prel: Stage pos 32, 04:16:01 (+00:32:32). Total 45

The tracks were quite fast today, and fun – some tricky parts but not too bad. Grey dunes and fast forward. Morning started in grey sand, very soft and slippery.

I had bad memories from last year when I rode here with crashed nose and bike, late evening, rain and hail. Now sunny and good pace, found the good lines! Got tricked by a waypoint, missed it only by few meters and realized it 600m later, turned back and got it. Last 100km fast sandy track, locked on full gas. Should have had a big faster bike… made a very good stage all in all.

I found a good pace, I kept it calm and safe. This close to the finish of this rally there it’s no point in taking any risks; it wouldn’t really improve my position. But as anything still can happen, mistakes surely could ruin all what I’ve achieved.
I’m very content with todays result. During a rally I focus on one day at the time, but coming this far I can actually see the finish line in Buenos Aires tomorrow.

Spectators surrounding Annie


One thought on “Stage 13. Nice and easy

    2010/01/16 at 00:21

    Mauro Valenti comento a MUJERES TUERCAS ….” Una grande la sueca. La vimos pasar en la segunda etapa, cerca de un paraje llamado “Paso de pablo”En una curva peligrosa nos pusimos a avisarles a los pilotos y ella con su tonada sueca nos grito “GRACIAS!”…


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