In borrowed plumes

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Team Aussie to the rescue

Annie in Kev's flipflopsAnnie’s team did not arrive until about 17. So she spent some time with the Mange’s Aussie team.
Annie panting: “I am dying for a shower. It’s about 35 degC!”
As she had no clean clothes to change, she borrowed boxer-shorts from Rob and a T-shirt and flip-flops from Kev.
Mange’s comment:
“She looked rather funny walking around in the bivouac with a far too big T-shirt, mens underwear and loose-fitting flip-flops.”

Flip-flops, the newest fasion!

Princess dressed up for interview
Annie also gave interviews dressed like this to an American journalist and a TV crew from the Al Jazera network.

Interviewed by TV & other jornalists

And I was dying for a shower. It´s about 35 degrees!

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