Stage 10. Tricky & curvy = that’s the way

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La Serena-Santiago, Special 238 km
Stage pos 51, 03:54:52 (+00:44:09, pen 6min). Total 50.

Early start and very cold morning. First time i felt tired in the moring.
Today’s stage was very winding on smooth tracks and very technical.
This stage was the kind I usually really enjoy, narrow mountain roads, tricky and curvy, variety in speeding and breaking, where technical skills are crucial – that’s exciting and fun!

Enjoying the curves
Photo above by Maindru

Unfortunately my right hand is still useless, which means handling gas/brake in tight switch back corners is difficult. My hand cramped after only a few km. It felt numb, tingeling fingers. Had to slow down and shake it to wake… Still passed many bikes and quads, until I got stuck behind one quad for 150km – aaarrrghhh!


Anyway I’m happy with the result considering all shit in the past days. One more day is completed.
In Dakar you never know… until the finish in Buenos Aires – who actually made it and who didn’t.

Annie la Diva de Rally I must rest my hand, so I tied a rubber band to the accelerator so I could manage it.
Been to doctors and to massage this afternoon, but hand is still numb.

Annie la Diva de Rally “resting the injured hand” …

… at the daily task, marking the roadbook: modifications, warnings, speedzones etc. Very important!

I am so glad to hear that Luca Manca has woken up, he had got a severe head injurie the other day. He knows he had an accident in the race. That he is regaining conciousness so good news!


2 thoughts on “Stage 10. Tricky & curvy = that’s the way

    nick said:
    2010/01/13 at 12:34

    “tomb rider” go ahead … we all truly hope you’ll make it … you got the privildge to be a dakar hero and luckly you are stuck with that … 😉 …


    2010/01/12 at 21:03

    Hola !! te envio los mayores de los exitos sos una gran piloto manejas excelente te vi el año pasado te he seguido y nos tomamos una foto en la Cordillera de los Andes!! Paso San Francisco
    Te dejo mis saludos y nos vemos en Roque Perez en tu paso por Buenos Aires y el domingo 17 te kiero ver en la Rural auquesea de lejos !!! sos una idola


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