Stage 9. Fun but slow

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Copiapo-La Serena. Special 170 km.
The special is shortened (originally 338 km) as the start was delayed alomost 4 hrs due to fog in the area. The bikers start was in groups of 20.
Stage pos 60, 03:26:11 (+01:13:41). Total 51.

Back from the almost dead – the tomb. This morning I was stiff in my hand and wrist after yesterday’s rocket jump off the bike. But after that Tomb Riding I was really happy to be able to start one more rally stage. I was so such incredibly lucky that there was no severe damage. Right at the time I was quite chocked and didn’t think about it much, my only focus was on getting back on the track.

MC group start

MC group goAll together now:

Ready …. Steady ….

…. Goooo ….

The stage set off with a motocross start, the bikers lined up in groups of 20. I hole shot my group and set off into the dunes.

Riding was hard because I couldn’t use my right hand, difficult to hold the bike or gas/brake. Every time braking i dropped the bike. But I caught several riders anyway. At 66km it was very rocky with wash outs in front of a mountain, and painful for the hand. I took it easy but still crashed in a dip when couldn’t hold bike. My face hit the gps and broke it’s antenna cable. I rode the rest of the day without gps, waypoints or compass. I tried to follow some tracks but there were too many, and not only race tracks. So I had to wait for some other rider I could follow.

Still the track was fun, and considering all this I i did quite well today. In the evening I paid my doctor a visit again – I’m a regular. My knuckles are swollen, really huge.

I am sorry to hear of Mirjam Pol’s accident and that she must abandon this rally. She was a good friend and a skilled biker, I enjoyed competing with her.


9 thoughts on “Stage 9. Fun but slow

    Pär Ekberg said:
    2010/01/12 at 23:30

    Kör på bara! Hela familjen hejar såklart som vanligt!


    Arne L said:
    2010/01/12 at 21:36

    Fantastiskt bra jobbat, otroligt hur du lyckas reda ut alla situationer. Hoppas du kan få kämpa vidare “i fred”. Håller tummarna för dig o Lycka till.


    Ricard E said:
    2010/01/12 at 18:07

    Så förbannat skoj att läsa, nästan så man blir sugen på plocka ut 640 adventuren på en tur!

    Håll ut, och kämpa på!


    Nikke said:
    2010/01/12 at 16:36

    Fan vad stark du é tjejen!!!
    Vi håller tummarna och tror på dej stenhårt här hemma i svinkalla Sverige!!


    Rodo Radic said:
    2010/01/12 at 14:49



    klaus said:
    2010/01/12 at 08:45

    Glad you are still going. Bloody awesome.
    All the best and no more big holes.


    Yuval Ararat said:
    2010/01/12 at 06:29

    Anny you are an inspiration to this race, go and succeed in finishing this event.
    Hope all the best for you may you heal quickly overnight and get through the next stage easily.


    Anna K said:
    2010/01/11 at 21:02

    Puh det såg ikke bra ut. Fantastisk reaksjon reddet deg der! Håper ikke skadene stopper deg nå! Masse lykke til med resterende strekker. Dette greier du nå!


    Bas Smit said:
    2010/01/11 at 20:26

    Greets from the Netherlands.
    Actually a fan of Dutch driver Mirjam Pol;
    unfortunately she isn’t longer in the rally.
    You get it to the finish.
    And watch out for tombs. 😉
    Good luck !!!


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