Stage 8. Drama in the tomb.

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Antofagasta-Copiapo, special 472km
Stage position 86, 09:45:43 (+04:16:18). Total 50.

Link video Bike in tomb:

Saved from above.

“At km 131 the track split around some ruins, and joined again after. To avoid dust I cut from right track over to the left, across a small rise. Behind the rise a 5m deep tomb opened, 2×3 wide. I rode too slow to jump and too fast to stop. Put the breakes on, slided bike to the left and abandoned ship. Instinctively I managed to jump to the left edge while bike tumbled down with the engine still running. I am lucky not to go down there cause the walls were impossible to climb.”

Bike & helmet on tomb bottomAfter getting back on her feet, a little shaken, Annie realized the bad situation. She could neither go down to lift the bike up nor get to the emergency alarm. It wasn’t possible even with help from the others – no way! She stopped some riders so they could call the HQ for help.

“A helicopter came and I climbed down with a thin rope to check the bike, it was okay. We tried to pull the bike, but no way. They said I must wait for the organisation truck to come and help. It took a while but then Mr Etienne Lavigne, race director, arrived in a helicopter instead! Like a true hero he climbed down with a rope, tied my bike with the real tie roses, and instructed the pilot how to lift it. Now I could continue the race, saved by the angel from above. Getting help from Etienne himself made me feel much better in that awful situation. Only suffering from painful swollen hand and aching foot.”

Annie's bike in a tomb

FAQ: Why and how did this happen?
(f**k): There was no mark of this hole in the roadbook! That’s Dakar…

Roadbook of the track where the tomb was
(Explanation of signs comes later)

Annie's jumping bikeImage right:
Is the Super Rocket jumping or flying!? Just happy when the track is good …

Photo right by Maindru

Tonight the bike needs some makeover, it was rather scratched and battered.

“And so do I….”

Medical treatment by my favorite doctor. Been here since stage 3 with twisted thumb. Today I injured my hand even more when jumping off the bike, left ankle also hurts.

Medical treatment

12 thoughts on “Stage 8. Drama in the tomb.

    Moto said:
    2010/01/11 at 18:25

    Holy Sh!@#. That is amazing. Glad you didn’t end up in there. Your fans in Utah are glad you are still in the race.


    It’s All About the Bike said:
    2010/01/11 at 18:22

    Read article: It’s All About the Bike – Dakar Stage 8 Drama in the tomb from Dakar Rally Princess


    Kenneth said:
    2010/01/11 at 17:56

    Håper alt gikk bra med deg! Skjønner nå mer av fordragene dine om å være forberedt!

    Løftekrok – Check
    Helikopter – Check!

    Lykke til videre hilsen oss på andre siden av grensen!


    Carina said:
    2010/01/11 at 11:44

    Tur? Snarare ren och skär skicklighet! Tvivlar på att många hade haft samma sinnesnärvaro.

    Annie, du är verkligen en helt fantastisk förare!


    Geoff Dean said:
    2010/01/11 at 10:52

    Bloody hell!! How unlucky is that.

    Good to see you’re still in the race.


    Joakim Einarson said:
    2010/01/11 at 10:22

    Hallå, Hur är det med handen och foten idag, har du kunnat fullfölja??
    Hörde om kraschen igår på Eurosport och det lät onekligen som att du kom undan med största möjliga tur!!

    Du ska veta att du har hela motorsportSverige med dig. Kör hårt!!



    Per i Falun said:
    2010/01/11 at 08:45

    Men satan! Värsta varggropen.


    Janne said:
    2010/01/11 at 08:20

    Ojojoj… vilken jävla tur att inte du själv åkte med ner där! Och Mr Lavigne kommer och räddar Prinsessan likt en riddare i en saga! Vilken grej!
    Men som sagt tidigare, du bryter inga rallyn!

    Like no other!


    Cynthia said:
    2010/01/11 at 03:15

    Good to know you’re OK!
    Too bad for the penalty, but a lot of racer had the same problem.
    Anyway, you’re still in the Dakar so keep up the good work!


    XR Jonas said:
    2010/01/11 at 00:01

    Fan vilken skön bild, blev så hoppsugen att jag måste trotsa kallgraderna (-21 ) å ta ut XRn i morgon 🙂
    Hoppas du slipper mer problem nu!


    Miguel said:
    2010/01/10 at 23:41

    Hi, I think she is flying like the bicycles in the ET movie 🙂
    Except for the 2 hours delay she has a good pace in the rest of the stage. Go Annie ! 🙂
    ps: the title says stage 7 but this is stage 8

    Answer by editor SuperSis Eila: Stage nr was corrected at the next editing, some hour later.


    Magnus said:
    2010/01/10 at 21:36

    Har knappt några naglar kvar här i SF US, efter att Annie “disappeared”. Men det är toppen att se henne tillbaka, o jag håller tummarna till målgång! Du är fortfarande bäst Annie!!! Go Annie Go!!!


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