Stage 7. Broken rear wheel

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Stage 7. Iquique-Antofagasta, Special 600 km
Stage pos 63 09:44:25 (+03:10:11). Total pos 44.

Broken wheel bearingThe first half of the stage went very steady, Annie keeping her position around 30-35.

But entering the rocky areas it got tough. Not for Annie but the bike! The ballbearing broke after one third in to the course. That severly slowened the speed. And it also could have been fatal!!!

“I was riding within top 30 and felt really good. Then at km 200 something I noticed that the rear wheel started to shake. It was the ceasing ballbearing and I had 400km ahead to ride to the finish, very slowly. Also ran out of fuel 50km from second refuel, because the bike wouldn’t roll with broken wheel, so the fuel consumption doubled. I waited a long time for help – thanks all guys who gave me fuel! I’m glad that not the whole wheel hub and axle didn’t break. That would been the end of this race. This hurts, but I can cope and go on…”

At the maintenance of the bike yesterday Annie’s friends in the Aussie team (Mange & co) noticed that the bearing was a little loose. They told her mechanics to fix it! Did they miss it?

Over high dunes
Photo by Maindru

Steep incline in the mountains
Photo by Maindru

This was the longest rally stage with various terrain – sand, salt blocks and rocky mountains. Very fast sections but also very very slow (I sure know!!!) …
On this stage the the maximum time limit was extended – it was even allowed to stay overnight on the track and arrive the next day.

But I made the stage in time, and could rest at the hotel. Starting to relax with a long nice bath – so relaxing that I actually fell a sleep in the tub!

3 thoughts on “Stage 7. Broken rear wheel

    Anna K Gustafsson said:
    2010/01/09 at 18:56

    you are my hero. Remember… challenges and problems are gods blessings to you …

    Keep on riding Annie.

    Good Luck , energy and a lot of happiness from
    Anna and the staff at Arboga Stadshotell


    Larry said:
    2010/01/09 at 13:35

    I´m very impressed by the way you drive! But you should fire that mechanic!


    Pelle Käck said:
    2010/01/08 at 22:34

    Looks good as expected,go girl,go!!


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