Stage 4. Painful day, and slow

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Fiambala-Copiaco, special stage shortened by 40 km, start delayed by some 1:30 h.

Stage standing 73, 02:35:27 (+00:48:29), total 48.

Image by Maindru Photo

A day in much pain and riding one handed. Very rocky and twisty in the mountain terrain, I needed to hold on to the bike and use brakes in sharp corners. My twisted thumb was useless, it was too painful to use brakes or gas, every rock bump and jump hurt like hell. Only some kms after start I fell when braking into a corner, and the brake lever got stuck in full brake. Had to get tools out and fix it. So, many riders passed me :-(.
Got rolling again in all the dust; slowly, not to ride into something. Half way on the sandy tracks and dunes I started catching up again.

A comment from Mange, my mechanic friend, who’s ben helping me to build many of my bikes:
“I had a quick chat with Annie, and her riding is very much affected by her injured thumb. Most people that do dirt riding know what I am talking about. Due to this injury Annie had to ride with her thumb on top of the handle bar which made it very difficult to steer the bike, and control accelerator and break…”

Not really a success, but I made it through the stage quite well – considering. Still the Leading Lady…

Also some time to relax a little, and to mail when having access to internet:

Annie mailing reports with laptop


2 thoughts on “Stage 4. Painful day, and slow

    Cynthia said:
    2010/01/06 at 13:08

    Go! Annie. You finished the stage, and even won some places, that’s great.
    Still the Leading Lady! Excellent!
    Keep up the good work.


    Noela Elms said:
    2010/01/06 at 12:38

    Keep going Annie your doing great, best wishes


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