Stage 3. Some turning luck

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Annie crossing river
Image by Maindru Photo

La Rioja – Fiambala. Stage pos 53 (5:12:53 /+2.11:44), total 47.

Now the real Dakar started. A short but very tough sand and dune special. There was no time for rest, and impossible to ride slow. I was going steady, but dropped the bike a couple of times in the soft sand. Made up time on navigation; riders #19 Faria and #11 Przygonski were surprised to pass me.

All white sand dunes
Image by Maindru Photo

Image: All white,  like in Sweden in winter!

Then luck turned halfway – riding down a ledge into a riverbed, I came off and twisted my thumb. Continued without using the thumb, so riders behind could overtake. But I made up on good navigation again. 1 km before CP3 I ran out of fuel. Now I had to push the bike with help of locals. It took some time to find fuel, so I lost a lot of time. Not very funny…but I’m quite content with todays result. Many competitors had even more trouble, so there are several changes in the positions.

Riding in the dunes is very tough and the heat makes one loose focus – it’s so easy to make small mistakes that will cost big loss of time.

Annie's taking photo with injured thumb in bandageI’ve been to the medics who checked my thumb. There was some bleeding and the x-ray showed a stretched ligament, but luckily no broken bones.
(Image by unknown)
Now I’m going to eat properly and gather my strength for tomorrow…

Loctite offering helpGot some mending stuff from Loctite too… for the bike, not the thumb.

Image by

One thought on “Stage 3. Some turning luck

    Geoff Dean said:
    2010/01/05 at 04:54


    It’s great to see you’re still in such a good position despite your fuel problem and injured thumb, hopefully your thumb won’t be a major issue for the rest of the race. I will be following your progress closely from here in Australia saving my pennies to one day race the Dakar myself.



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