Meeting fans

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Fans greeting with banner

My argentinian fans showed this at the stages: “Mujeres Tuercas” (Women Nuts).

Makes me so happy!


3 thoughts on “Meeting fans

    Alejandro said:
    2010/01/05 at 21:41

    GO! ANNIE!


    marily schwander said:
    2010/01/05 at 20:19

    Thanks Annie!
    Mujeres Tuercas (Women Nuts) is more than a group of fans, we are organizations that promote women in motorsports, thank you very much for helping in our cause.

    Under a helmet there are men or women, there is drivers and coodrivers.

    P/D: Please everybody as ANNIE come to our group on Facebook to continue helping women.


    Cynthia said:
    2010/01/05 at 13:05

    Damn, I wish I could be there, hahahah.
    Anyway, I’m really happy you could finished the stage! I’ve seen it’s very hard and a lot of competitors had abandoned the race but you’re still running!
    Congratulations and I hope you thumb gets better.


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