Stage 2. Annie in a good flow

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Cordoba-La Rioja. Standing: in total 33, on Stage 2 special pos 37. Leading the ladies class.

Annie reports:
“My Super Rocket runs just perfectly, it is light and easy to manoeuvre compared with with my other bikes. In the fast parts I may loose some speed, but in the technical sections it’s an advantage to ride an agile bike like this. This terrain has many parts like enduro. It’s better to ride safe than on maximum speed.
Well, I had a fall when riding after Arrendondo and veered after him off of the track. I broke the water tank and bent the handlebar, but I could ride on. But I’m used to this kind of conditions – rainy, muddy and slimy as it’s often in Sweden!
I also had an unexpected encountering – it was quite dusty and all of a sudden a cow appeared on the track! Oooops, that was close …

It feels good having progressed this much already in these two first stages – every gained minute is valuable. The credited time is needed on the difficult stages. Tomorrow will be tough with much compass navigation out on the white sand.”

Annie happy after stage 2

Annie seems quite relaxed, now when the race is rolling. In advance while preparing and planning there is so much worrying. Now all the focus is on the tracks.


One thought on “Stage 2. Annie in a good flow

    Cynthia said:
    2010/01/04 at 13:38

    Annie, I saw you when you were going to Colón. When I realised you were a woman (you showed us your ponytail!) I was like “wow, she’s got to be tough to run a Dakar!”.
    I saw you were Sweden, and I started looking for you on the Internet.
    Glad I found you! I’ll be following your progress in this Dakar. My best wishes to you during this race.
    Your new argentinian fan!


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