Stage 1. Flying start for Annie

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Annie on 1st stage
Image by Maindru Photo

Stage 1, Jan 2: Buenos Aires – Cordoba

#076 SEEL (SWE) KTM / Standing 45 / 02:09:17 +00:18:35

Annie was very happy after this stage. The special 150 km was a mix of very technical parts and fast gravel roads. The KTM 525 – “Super Rocket” – really rocks super. There is a lot of power in this engine. Also the size feels good, though the rear part is higher than usual because of the long shockabsorbers.

This day was kind of warming up. Annie took it the safe way, taking no risks in the dust. Relayed on her routine without getting too eager in the beginnig of the race. Almost the whole stage she kept company with #77 Hamard, a biker with dakar experience and good navigation skills.
The day started early and also the stage finished early, so there was plenty of time for a shower, eating and bike service.
Tomorrow Annie starting number is better, which means less overtaking and riding in her own tempo.

And some sorrow…
The rally also had a very sad beginning. A rally car veered off of the road and ran right into a group of spectators. Several people were badly hurt, and later a woman died of her injuries.

One thought on “Stage 1. Flying start for Annie

    Bluebull2007 said:
    2010/01/03 at 19:51

    Go Annie!

    Lots of us at Adventure rider & South African Wilddogs shouting for you!



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