Jan 1. A burning intro…

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Today’s program:

Riders meeting at 10.00.
Start from parc ferme at 14.51.
Podium 30 minutes later.
300 kms transport to Colon, night in bivouac.
First rally stage tomorrow Jan 2, Colon – Cordoba.

Already at noon a dramatic event

Bike #73 just caught fire … next to mine. I had to run and leave by bike, afraid of explosion. Dared to go back after 30 sec and take my bike away.
I’ve got it all on film!
(Please wait until I can publish it on my blog.)

Prologue through the streets of Buenos Aires

In the afternoon during the parade I have waved to half a million spectators! It was really crazy on the streets, and the roads also. People in Argentina are totally wild about Dakar. My left arm is so tired of all waving! But this is a wonderful experience getting so much support from everybody.

Annie on the podium at start
Image by Maindru Photo

6 thoughts on “Jan 1. A burning intro…

    sonicrafter review said:
    2010/05/17 at 03:36

    I feel far more men and women require to read this, very good info.


    Stanton said:
    2010/01/04 at 22:13

    Hi Annie,
    I was one of those crazy fans who ran out onto the street when you had to stop for a stoplight and I took a great self-photo with you and you gave the thumbs-up sign. I will have to figure how to email it to you for your site. I am back in Park City, Utah, USA now. Best of luck…go fast and safe.


    Neil Walker said:
    2010/01/02 at 17:47

    Best of luck hopefully will be best Dakar for you yet feel really sorry for poor rider who went up in smoke
    Cheers Neil


    klaus said:
    2010/01/02 at 08:36

    good luck and all the best


    Michael Billett said:
    2010/01/02 at 08:11

    Good Luck on the rally Aniie…. This blog is awesome…. Hej så lämge från snöiga trollhättan!


    Miguel said:
    2010/01/02 at 04:28

    Hello Annie, I see you today at Av. 9 de Julio. 🙂
    Thanks for mantaining this blog, it’s a great view of the Dakar from the inside.
    I wish you good luck in the rally !!!


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