Jan 1. Scrutineering and new year

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Annie at admin-check

Annie at the administrative checks in BA

Image: Dakar Rally 2010, originally uploaded by dunerider70.

Eearly this morning Iwake up to go to assistance park and get my bike for check in at scrutineering. I was there one hour early cause I know this takes a while.

Check book inside with stampsFirst I need to pass all the documentation checks. I get a booklet at the check in, and then pass all differents “check-points” to verify everything is in order – passport, drivers license, competition license, bike reg docs, payments, fuel, customs, iritrack course, medical history… endless. Collected all the stamps and continued to technical scrutineering. My top mechanic Laurent from Meca System assisted me through it all, pushing the bike, carrying stuff, connecting cables etc. I feel like a real top rider!

Everything passed okay, until I realised my extra engine was still in assistance park, in the dakar box. Team Australia came to my rescue, they got the box from assistance park into technical scrutineering, BIG THANKS! And then Meca team loaded it into their truck. Perfect.

During the last day of scrutineering all the superstars pass through. I had a chance to say hello to all rallyfriends, and that’s why my scrutineering took so long time…

FireworksA quick list of all stars I met:
#1 Marc Coma, reigning Dakar Champ
#2 Cyril Despres, hungry to be #1
David Casteu, top french rider on Sherco 450
Chaleco Lopez, chilean top rider on Aprilia 450
Jordi Viladoms, team mate of Marc Coma

Giniel DEvilliers, VW reigning Dakar champ auto
Stephan Peterhansel, BMW
NAni Roma, BMW
Andy Grider, co pilot Robbie Gordon Hummer

… and friends like Turkish Kemal Merkit on a KTM 690 enduro! Chinese team on Jialing, etc etc.

Parc fermé, bird view
Parc fermé

Riders briefing completed. It will be more technical riding and navigation this dakar.
Spectators dakar 2009 = 4 million!!! So this will be one of the greatest sports events!



2 thoughts on “Jan 1. Scrutineering and new year

    Alfred Johnson said:
    2010/10/18 at 15:24

    That s a really nice pick of the fireworks, well done


    klaus said:
    2010/01/02 at 08:35

    good luck and have fun


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