Meeting my team and celebrities. More packing.

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My mechanic LaurentThis morning I met team Meca’System in the assistance park. Good to meet them again and team boss Gilles Tixador who has made many dakar rallies on a bike.
Mechanics Laurent, Cedric and Gaetan all helped me fixing my bike, the bits and pieces not finished before. Mounted fork socks to prevent dirt and mud tear the fork seals, carbonfibre fork protectors to hold off rocks, leather seat cover, changing the angle of the side stand, some electrical adjustments for safety equipment etc. The carburettor was re-jetted for hot climate.
I also packed my Dakar-boxes, this year in grey – they’ve been white since ever.. The box contains: spare engine, carb, extra roadbook, various spareparts, helmet light, some tools, duct tape, gogglebag! And survival food as nuts, bars and energy gel. and extra clothes of course.

Smile of the day:
A cab pulled up outside the team tent and yelled “Annie!!!” It was the taxidriver who drove me to the hotel last night, now he popped by to say hello and have our photo taken together.

Stars of the day:
I met norwegian superstar Pål-Anders Ullevålseter in the cafeteria together with guatemalan rider Franscisco Aredondo.
In my team Meca’System there are many hot riders: argentinian Patronelli Quad team are riding. Quads are really hot in South America!
Also Prohgens brothers from Copiapo are superstars in Chile.
Argentinian Laurent Lazard, and former KTM factory pilot Jean Brucy, now co-pilot in Nissan team, stopped by.

In the afternoon the Aussie team came to pick me up and later we had dinner at our usual restaurant on the corner;  for me a nice steak!


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