Packing, meeting friends etc

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I helped Garry with packing the bike, that means all stuff that’s needed in a race, not just the mandatory safety gear. Then I and Rob took our bikes to the assistance area, the parking for all teams and service cars. I’m going to meet my team Meca’system. They should have arrived this morning and got out the truck from the harbour. They should be here around two…
In the meantime I fetched my two dakar-boxes. All contents are in doubles, because the organisations trucks take turns carrying them to the next bivouac. In there is my mandatory safety gear and the good-for-all-kit, that I’ll have on my bike. Now that’s taken care of.

Annie packing the rally box
New design: grey boxes instead of white.

Then I had some time to meet several other competitors, also occupied with preparing their equipment. There was the dutchess Mirjam Pol, who had been training a lot of enduro in preparation for dakar – good thinking! I saw a few stars, like the french Davide Fretignet, 3rd last year and the winner himself, Marc Coma, came straight to me hugging and kissing and so did Jordi Viladoms. The portuguese guy who broke his finger last year came and thanked me for helping him last year.

Quick lunch While waiting for the rain to pass and my team to arrive, I had a quick lunch.

I managed to fix a lot on my own while waiting for the service car. As they didn’t show up, I went back to my hotel and ate some pizza leftovers, that I had in a doggybag from the restaurant yesterday. The waiter was very amused by that! 😉


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