Dec 28 Meeting people – and free passengers

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Annie in harbour Buenos Aires

Up already before 6 am, went with aussie Rob Pollard to collect our bikes from the port. Arrived almost first. In the queue for customs declaration I met many “rally friends” like the VW-team, portuguese BMW-riders Paolo Goncalves (10th in Dakar2009) and Pedro Bianchi, and also Rally Raid UK and Team Scandinavia. Rob had arranged with a truck to pick up his bike and some other big boxes, so I also loaded my bike in the truck instead of riding the 100 kms back to BA, in drizzle.

Rob Pollard & wife Alana

Image: Rob and wife Alana

Back in town we unloaded the bikes and all the tyres, equipment etc in a warehouse. There was also biker #5 Rodrigues assembling his yammie 450, and treating us with pizza – that is sportmanship!

When unpacking the tyres an ant colony started marching from the tyre pile, and the next minute we found another free passenger – a lizard! Poor little thing must have crawled into the tyres when shipped from Singapore!

All the aussie equipment were loaded on their 2 backup vehicles (4 wheel drive), amazed how everything somehow was stuffed in and on top. Then back to hotel in frantic BA traffic and some more prepping.

Freepassenger lizzard

“Caught you!”

One thought on “Dec 28 Meeting people – and free passengers

    stefanolevi said:
    2010/01/01 at 16:39

    WOW! I did not realize the lizzard was that big! Cool!


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