Dec 26 Joy and drama at arrival to Buenos Aires

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I met up with Magnus at the flight change in Madrid. He’s travelling with stand-by tickets and didn’t get a seat on the full planes. On board, I met the performer DJ Mendez on route to his family in Chile. I told him that’s where I’m going too. He promised to cheer for me. I arrived in Buenos Aires shortly before lunchtime. At the airport, I met up with Team Husaberg Australia. Mange is set to be their grease monkey during the Dakar and I’ll be camping with him up until start. They’ve rented two trucks for service duties which we picked up and subsequently headed into the city.

While driving through a toll, we heard an awful lot of honking from behind. Two cars stop with screeching tires right next to us. One of the drivers gets out, boiling with rage and brandishing a handgun! Shit, what’s happening – I hope we’re not involved. We were terrified, needless to say. Luckily for us, he approaches the other car, yelling and flailing frantically. At any moment, things could pop off. We stayed in the car queue long enough to see money being waved through the car window. As we were driving past the toll booth we had to catch our breath. It was all quite scary.

In the afternoon I went for a walk around the neighbourhood, to alleviate the stiffness in my back that had been building up over the course of the lengthy flight. Total travel hours amounted to about 28 hours. A couple of youngsters set off a firecracker which made me jump. Must be the shell shock resulting from the day’s events. In the evening we went out for dinner at a lovely restaurant.

Servic car, kind of

Image: Service car – before or after Dakar?

(via Sis Eila & Neph Petri)


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