Dec 23-25 Preparations for the trip to Argentina

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There’s always a kind of panic before the Dakar. The rest of Sweden is experiencing the Christmas rush while I’m stressed out about the rally.

The day before x-mas eve I received new boots from Gaerne, and painted a “princess” on the back of my X-lite helmet – so pretty! I also have stylish mx-clothes from RealWear, which I wore during the EcoEnduro Denmark. But getting a jacket was harder – it hadn’t even been designed yet. Worriedly, I called Lelles in Uppsala – and indeed they had one for me. Thanks!

Pity my sister though, she spent all of Christmas days & nights sewing sponsor logos on the jacket. She also helped me upgrade and update the Dakar blog.

Henrik, my boyfriend, came in the afternoon and we went to my friend Camilla for Christmas dinner – in my calendar, x-mas equals a lot of food! On Christmas morning I finished up packing and set off straight to the airport.

(via Sis Eila & Neph Petri)


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