Home from Hell!

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What happened? Why can’t it just be a nice ride from start to finsih? Riding was not the problem, but as always things happend… and this has been the most dangerous Dakar I’ve ridden – not the track but the dust. You were never in a clear spot chasing up the field…
Starting first stage perfectly with a 41st place without too much pushing through the dust. But then…
On stage 5 my front mudguard broke, caught the front wheel pulling the brake cable and jammed it into full stop – and face plant over the handlebars!
I broke my nose and ripped off the chin piece of my helmet, lucky not to break my neck. Also badly bent handlebars, so riding the remaning 150 kms was tough in the dunes and lama grass, rain, hale and mud (no mudguard means all shit was in my face…)
And then on stage 12 my carburettor was not working, so I had major problems ridning the bike, specially up the steep and sandy mountainclimbs. Flipped the bike on the top of the biggest and injured my right shoulder (same as in Egypt) and then handling the bike one-armed was hell.
I fell a few more times on the shoulder and making it worse until I could not hold on to the bike. A car team stopped and called for the helicopter to rescue me. But I refused to push the “red button” of quitting, instead asked the doctor to tape up my shoulder so I could continue. No-one of the other bikers who stopped to watch me thought I could ride on. Ha! They dont know me!!! Did all the dunes, sandy river beds, rocks, bushes and fesh-fesh.
Of course also got out of fuel because of the malfunctioning carb. I had to stop locals and beg for fuel and find a village with a station…
It took until sunset before I cleared the stage.

So what can i say – happy to be alive and reach the finish! That’s Dakar!

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