Live Interview with Eurosport in Valparaiso

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Annie interview Valparaiso


3 thoughts on “Live Interview with Eurosport in Valparaiso

    imba said:
    2009/01/22 at 07:11

    Congratulations from me too! I’m really glad you finished the race after all and in such a good ranking place! Well done for your resistance and courage 🙂

    Athens, Greece


    Ed "Klaus" said:
    2009/01/21 at 14:37

    G’day Annie,
    Congratulations,,,,, on a sucessful Dakar 2009, your never quit attitude is a great inspiration to all that know you,,,, and also to those who will follow.
    I’ve enjoyed watching your two wheel adventures for more than a decade,,, you are truly invincible,,,,,, and very determined, when set to a task.
    All the best in the future, may you heal quickly, and continue your sucess in rally raid’s, around the world.
    Also, please,,,,,, tell Henrik,,,,,, a big “Thank You” from me, for all his help during this rally raid.

    Be well my friend, Klaus
    Pennsylvania, USA


    Chris Jensen said:
    2009/01/19 at 10:56

    Hi Annie

    Congratulations, you are tuff.

    I am proud of knowing you.

    Best regards



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