Stage 12. Finished at last after 14 hrs

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In the evening at 9 Annie made it to the finish as no 115 (last one?), time 13:38:43. And in addition 4 hrs penalty for exeeding the time limit. It sucks…

The bike has run badly all day – very slow, consuming too much fuel etc. She got gas from people in the villages. Also Henrik Rahm, a fellow competitor, helped out.
The malfunctioning bike also caused crashes. She is badly hurt in the shoulder. A rescue helicopter came and bandaged the shoulder, it ached terribly. Henrik wanted her to quit the race. No way!!!

A Lady in distress…
She was only 5 km from finish, at a river ridge and couldn’t get over. (Fiambala area) She needed help to find a passage.
She tried to call/sms her rally-friend Henrik. But there was no connection. So Annie called home to Swden from her mobile phone in the evening. Sister Eila started a contact network. But in the meantime she found a way to get over the river-bed and made it to the finish.
After that there were still 260 km liaison.

Henrik finished at 7 pm (local time).
A lot of trucks and cars were stuck too at the river. Many participants have criticized the route – sensless planning, terrain not suitable for rally vehicles etc. And too dangerous.

It was a long day’s thrill also for all supporters. Many of them tried to get assistance for Annie. Thanks!
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4 thoughts on “Stage 12. Finished at last after 14 hrs

    peterw said:
    2009/01/16 at 07:25

    …this girl is sooo tough !!!!!!!

    unbelievable !

    hope u make it to the finish !!!!!!!!!!

    take care- good luck !!!!!!!!!!!


    John said:
    2009/01/16 at 02:33

    Annie your stick-to-it-ness and will power are very impressive … Rooting you on all the way to Buenos Aires … GO ANNIE GO !!


    M.Classon said:
    2009/01/16 at 01:00

    Pheeeew, really, really happy to see that you made it Annie. Been back to my work computer “stup i ett” to see you crossing the finish line, and after the promising results at cp2, got really worried about ya. You’re still THE GIRRRRL, and all the best luck for the remaining days. Take care !
    P.S by the way , hope your nose’s OK;)


    Robertsson said:
    2009/01/15 at 23:12

    Nice to hear that you have made it Annie, got worried when it took so long.
    Hope that you can continue the rally, take care.

    P Robertsson


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