Two days after the crash

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Rally Dakar 2009, originally uploaded by dunerider70.

Two days after the crush, Annie’s motivation is raised tremendously and her facial contusion is improving a lot. Today we spent some time together working. Annie did her laundry and also worked on the “bad kharma” which has been haunting her since the beginning of the race. Her strategy is now changed. She will race day by day – she said. Laurent, her mechanic who calls her “superwoman”, has worked all day on the motorcycle and prepared it for tomorrow. / Dunerider


One thought on “Two days after the crash

    Mats said:
    2009/01/12 at 09:30

    Hi Annie!

    A broken Nose bone… Damn, girl, you’ll soon earn the nick namne “Iron Lady” ! 🙂
    Nothing seams to stop you, all though the obsticles you encouter would put the most of us out of action or motivation! I’ll sure do admire your stubbonress and devotion.

    Please get well soon and give the guys a good run for their money!

    Best regards /Mats


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