Smashing… stage 5

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Annies broken nose
Annies broken nose

I met the doctor for VW-team and he told my nose is broken. Pretty? And yet the helmet took the hardest hits…
(See also the picture below on “Two days after the crash”)
Well, that’s Dakar… pain and pleasure, hate and love – I take it all. And so I told the reporter too who interviewed me. It was shown on Eurosport.
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Annies broken helmet
Annies broken helmet

4 thoughts on “Smashing… stage 5

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    pera said:
    2009/01/12 at 12:16

    A princess is alwas pretty!!

    Go girl GOOOO!


    Kostas said:
    2009/01/12 at 12:01

    You are perfect.
    Soul and body.
    Keep on
    True Dakar spirit.
    Be safe.
    You already have won.


    Chris Jensen said:
    2009/01/12 at 09:26

    Hi There

    Keep your head high, beauty.
    You are doing so well




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