Stage 7, Jan 9 Mendoza-Valparaiso. Still going strong

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Again the stage was reduced because of difficult terrain and the mountain-section was excluded. The trucks didn’t start att all, instead they went directly to Valparaiso.
Annie’s riding was very good. Overtook many bikers, place about 50. But then got unlucky again: the shock absorber broke (is changed already 3 times!), the front fork leaked oil into the break, so stopping was impossible. Fell several times and lost much time; finished as 60. Seems to have bad karma, jinxed with trouble… Anybody who knows voodoo? Some white magic could help.

But the atmosphere is really fantastic! Never experienced so much enthusiasm among the spectators. Had no idea that rally is so big here. Several riders are south-americans, so it’s fun to have the rally here. It’s crowded everywhere, along the route and around the bivouacs – all ages from kids to oldies, parents showing up their babies to us, begging for autographs etc. The Latins are real party people.
All support makes one feel excited and strong despite all hardship. Now it’s time for a shower and then rest.
Half of the race is done and 71 bikers have abandoned. Annie’s total is 79.
Posted by Sis Eila

One thought on “Stage 7, Jan 9 Mendoza-Valparaiso. Still going strong

    lu said:
    2009/01/10 at 13:50

    Dear Annie: Glad to know you, I think that you have some wrong information in thinking that the people here are not interested in rally.
    We have a biggest history in races and rallys that mor of the competitors has
    Best wishes, go foward and have a continuos exit


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