The hardest dunes!

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Yesterday evening before midnight at the Bivouac in San Rafael the situation was tensed. Many competitors were still out there in the dunes, blocked by the extreme conditions. Also Annie had a very hard time yesterday. She was involved in a accident as the brake cable got stuck into the wheel and she fell with her helmet on the navigation system. She told me she was luck to be alive, and not have suffered from heavy injuries. The view of her helmet was scary. The whole face protection part was broken.
Annie and many others described these dunes a the hardest dunes ever. A very experienced “dune skater” like Annie, felt like an amateur in this particular environment. “They where hard at the bottom, and soft at the top” she said.

I stayed with her at the medical center until 3.30 am when she got to bed. She explained to me she saw a BMW in flames in the dunes. Trucks upside down, motorbikers resting together and searching shelter from the thunderstorm.
At 6:30 this morning she was awake, with a new helmet in her hand, and started the next stage. Few hours ago I checked, and she had started the special stage in time. Fingers crossed for Annie Seel, the swedish rally princess who is able to stay focused also in the most difficult situations when many others prefer to quit.


One thought on “The hardest dunes!

    Jonsson said:
    2009/01/09 at 14:24

    What a toughguy.. keep it up Annie!


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