Stage 4 Jacobacci-Neuquen. Technical trouble.

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Annie finished with position 54. This stage with over 380 Km of special seems to be one of the more difficult ones, including difficult terrains and a navigation.
At the Bivouac in Neuquen after stage 4:
Annie told she had some problems with the engine start and her motorbike stopped. She asked a couple of drivers to help her, but they were also extremely tired. She lost more than one hour because of this technical problem, although she was riding very well – she said. “I will never gain back this hour” she said…
Annie also explained me how dangerous it is to overtake in the sand. Every time by overtaking, motorbike drivers put their life at stake. It’ s a real challenge.
I arrived in the bivouac of Neuquen, and still have no information about the race and on how Annie is doing. Fingers crossed this stage has no unexpected surprises for her.
/ Dunerider

“The big delay on this stage was because I helped a crashed biker (he then must quit the rally). Before this I was ranked 35. Probably I’ll get back the lost time.”
/ Note by Sis Eila

2 thoughts on “Stage 4 Jacobacci-Neuquen. Technical trouble.

    Jeffrey Tapia said:
    2009/01/07 at 22:52

    Annie, I have been watching your progress. You are amazing! Hang in there. You are an inspiration for us (women who love motorcycles!)! Now I want to get a lighter bike and play in the dirt too. (I met you at the press conference at KTM in BA. I have the bmw 650gs). Great job! Best wishes!


    Per Axbom said:
    2009/01/07 at 19:35

    She must have run into trouble. Currently at 84th position in Stage 4. Should be close to finish…


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